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ATVing in Temagami

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Ravenscroft Lodge Cottage Rentals in Temagami Ontario Canada, 19 Jumping Caribou Rd, Temagami Ontario P0H 2H0 - 705-569-3865
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ATVing in Temagami
ATVing in Temagami
Ontario ATVing in Temagami

ATVing in Temagami Ontario

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to take your family on a memorable summer vacation or a quiet weekend for two during the spring, fall or winter, search no further, you have found it! Ravenscroft Lodge Cottages in Temagami is your ultimate vacation rental in northern Ontario. Offering a variety of lake side cottages from cozy 1 bedroom cabins to our big 3 bedroom cottage, we can fit you with your dream Temagami vacation.

Our lake side cottages are located on Jumping Caribou lake, where you can take advantage of swimming, fishing, skiing, hiking, atving, and camping. In the off season visit us for a weekend of snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ATVing, color tour… you name it, Ravenscroft Lodge Cottages can offer it.

So, look around our website, find yourself the perfect place to stay and play, then if you have any questions or would like to reserve one of our many lake side cottages; please e-mail or call 1-705-569-3865

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ATVing in Temagami

Looking For A Great ATVing Getaway in Temagami? You'll find it here.

Temagami ATVing vacation in northeastern Ontario.

ATVing in Temagami

Looking for an ATV to Rent for your Temagami holiday?

ATVing Temagami Ontario

Temagami ATVing Ontario

ATVing in Temagami
ATVing in Temagami ATVing in Temagami
ATVing in TemagamiOntario Canada ATVing in Temagami

Welcome to our year round family Cottage Rentals in Temagami
Ravenscroft Lodge Cottages 19 Jumping Caribou Rd, Temagami Ontario P0H 2H0 1-705-569-3865

Ravenscroft Lodge Cottage Resort offers affordable ATV rentals in Temagami Ontario.

Looking for an ATV vacation in northern Ontario? Ravenscroft Lodge Cottages offer ATVing vacation cottage rentals year-round on Jumping Caribou Lake in beautiful Temagami. So, visit us in this tranquil setting in the land of lakes. Isn't it about time for your next GETAWAY?

If you have been looking for a Temagami ATV vacation don't miss this opportunity.

ontario vacation rentals

ATVing Temagami See the beautiful backcountry and logging roads of Temagami and Marten River Ontario from the seat of an All Terrain Vehicle, commonly known as an ATV. ATV's allow access to places where very few people go. ATVing is one of the fastest growing sports in the Temagami area today. If you have never tried ATVing, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Before your Temagami or Marten River tour gets underway, our guide will make sure you are familiar with your ATV machine, as safety is most importance. These assure you that your ride is safe, comfortable and fun. Our experienced ATV guides lead the way setting a pace conducive to all riders and two-person ATVs allow younger riders to join in the fun.

ontario vacation rentals

Ravenscroft Lodge Cottage Resort rides the ATV trails year round! They are located four and a half hours north of Toronto, less than an hour from North Bay, and less than a half hour from the town of Temagami.

Temagami pine forest adventure of the highest in the colorful pine forests of Temagami. A full day adventure driving the back roads of mother natures Temagami forest. Having fun exploring you will find waterfalls, scenic routes and wildlife to mention a few things.

ontario vacation rentals

ATV trails are abundant in Temagami and Marten River. Come and experience the thrill of seeing wildlife while viewing the beauty of nature along the winding logging roads and trails.

ATV Rental & Trails

With hundreds of miles of trails to ride in Temagami and Marten River Ontario, you can experience the thrill of Temagami trail riding without the expense of upkeep on the ATV or the payments. Check out our ATV rental costs by the hour or all day. Rent an ATV for an hour and you'll have so much fun you will want it for the rest of the day!

ATV Rental Rates on request.

Insurance Agreement: ATV riders must be 18 years of age or have an adult sign for them and put a $500.00 Credit Card damage deposit on each ATV rental .

All riders are given a quick course in the safety and proper handling of the ATV.


Our unique Rabbit Lake tour combines the enjoyment of ATV riding with an unforgettable experience of nature and Temagami Forest! Our ATV units are safe and easily operated by anyone. No ATVing experience is necessary beginners are welcome! Our fleet of 4 wheel All Terrain Vehicles are 4WD and automatic transmission. They travel through all types of Temagami and Marten River terrain and off-road conditions enabling our guest to explore undisturbed, natural environments. This Rabbit Lake tour is enjoyed in ALL weather conditions. In fact, spring, summer and fall, is ideal for Temagami ATVing. Each ATV takes 1 driver and 1 passenger up to 350 lbs. The Rabbit Lake tour is 4 to eight hour tour.

ATV Rabbit Lake Tour includes

  • 4 or 8 hour fully guided ride
  • Use of ATV helmets and goggles
  • Full instruction in ATV operation
  • 1 or 2 riders per ATV.
  • Refreshment

Recommended trousers and protective footwear such as hiking boots. Rain wear is available for rent.

Finding the perfect Cottage Rentals in Temagami for your ATVing vacation begins right here.

For information on the ATVing in Temagami
please call 1-705-569-3865

ATVing Temagami

Expand Your Camping Experience With An ATV Camping Tent Trailer

ATVing may be one of the outdoor recreation activities that you like to participate in while on a camping vacation. A great way to participate in this outdoor activity and also enjoy camping is to use an ATV camping tent trailer. The trailer allows you to easily transport your tent and other camping supplies, helping you to make the most of your time outdoors.

Campers will bring ATVs with them on their camping trip in order to reach spaces where they want to camp that are not easily accessible by car. With the trailer, you can unload your ATV and quickly reach a campground with your tent and other camping supplies ready. Off-road locations often make for the best campsites, so for a great camping adventure you may need an ATV trailer to get your tent and other camping supplies to your campground. By trailer to transport your camping supplies, you can bring much more camping equipment and gear with you. You will be able to find room for your favorite grill, dutch ovens, camping cook ware sets, camp lighting, emergency gear, and possibly even folding tables, chairs, and other camp furniture.

An ATV, or All Terrain Vehicle, is a popular outdoor recreation vehicle, especially with campers. By taking an ATV and ATV camping tent trailer with you on your camping trip you will not only be able to reach your campsite with all of your desired camping supplies, but you will also be able to enjoy the recreation activity of riding.

Today, riding ATVs has become common with all age groups. When going on camping trips and getting away from the city, you can easily find outdoor areas that are great for riding your ATV. Some camping areas may even have a special ATV course for you to use.

A great place to shop for an ATV camping tent trailer is online. Web sites can allow you to browse different trailers to pick one that will be exactly right for you. By shopping online, you can compare trailers of all sizes and company brands. Online shopping also allows for easy price comparison to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Before setting out, check to see that ATV riding is allowed in the area. Some campgrounds may prohibit these type of outdoor activities. Also, make sure you are prepared for safe ATV riding by bringing a helmet along with you.

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